Joy McCullough-Carranza


Editorial Services

It’s time to out myself: I have a bizarre love of the query process. As a Pitchwars mentor I've read a LOT of queries and seen what works and what doesn't, and my mentees have had great success in landing agents (and book deals!). I’d love to help you get your manuscript in front of an agent.

Query Letter Critique – A detailed line edit and critique of your query letter, with one follow-up read. $25

Submission Packet Critique – Detailed line edit and critique of your query letter, two-page synopsis, and first ten pages.  $50.00

Partial Manuscript Critique – Overall edit letter on your first 50 pages. $125.00

 Full Manuscript Critique – Contact me for pricing and turn-around time.

Payments will be accepted via Paypal. For query and submission packet critiques, payment is required up front. For a partial or full manuscript critique, half the fee is required up front, and the other half due upon completion of the project.

Turn around times may vary, depending on volume. I juggle a fairly heavy freelance editing and ghostwriting load, but some times of the year are lighter than others. 

Please contact me through the Contact page of this website if you would like to hire me or if you have any questions.

Good luck on your querying journey!  


Here's what some of my critique partners have to say about my work: 

Joy has an expert eye when it comes to identifying issues in plot, character development, and theme. Joy not only points out problematic weaknesses in my novels, she also has an innate ability to spotlight opportunities that I might have missed to strengthen characters and dialogue and storyline. From query critiques to full manuscript feedback, Joy has been invaluable in my journey to become a published author. Her careful readings and meticulous critiques have made me a better writer. Without a doubt, Joy's editorial skills have made my manuscripts stronger. I would not have a book deal without her.

-Jessica L., Author of two middle grade novels from Simon & Schuster


Joy and I started working together as critique partners a couple of years ago, and she has become my "go to" person for prompt, insightful feedback on everything I write. Her critiques are always honest, but never brutal. She pushes me to try harder when something isn't working, and cheers me on when it is!

 - Sharon Roat, author of Between the Notes, HarperTeen 


Joy had initially read the first three chapters of my manuscript so that I could decide if her feedback fit my needs. She got back to me almost immediately. Her critique was honest, to the point, and ridiculously enlightening. She offered to read the rest of my manuscript, but after receiving such amazing feedback, I knew I could do better. In fact, Joy was so helpful, that I decided not to send her the rest until I was confident enough that certain issues she raised didn’t bleed through the rest of my manuscript. Her opinion meant a lot to me! After I finished the revisions with her notes in mind, I sent the whole thing back. Within a week, she got back to me with a plethora of insight. Raise the stakes, she said! Her feedback was amazing, and after thorough revisions, my latest beta had nothing but wonderful things to say about my writing. Thanks to Joy, I’m now confident enough to start querying agents. Her feedback is bar none.

-Daniela T., just beginning her query journey! 


And here are a few more comments from the client feedback page on my freelancer profile at

Joy is an extremely proficient editor. Very professional and efficient service. We will definitely seek her fine services again (and again).

Working with Joy was a total ease. She was quick, thoughtful, and exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend her.

JoyMC is great to work with. She is very professional, and has a sixth sense for creating what is in your head.

My manuscript was 53,000 words and needed a lot of editing. Joy put in a lot of time to critique every sentence, as well as an overall assessment of the story, characters, and plot. She completed the job within the contractual date. She has read a lot of books in the YA genre and is very knowledgeable. I'm very pleased with the results and would very much work with her again.

I engaged Joy's services for Editing but more importantly for some much-needed coaching on how to proceed through blocks and to establish a framework within which I could learn about the craft, to approach time management, and most importantly to understand how learning and applying technique could move me to grounded momentum in my "good idea but running in circles" projects. Joy is passionate about her editing work and is also an amazing mentor. I will definitely work with her again!